Among The Falling Stones


Crawl - among the locusts and worms
And sing their masochistic hymns
Fall - of the morals within
A poetry of mockery
Grave - sonnets of sarcastic eloquence
Too light to sink
Grim and empty extasy
The suffocating empathy

Put a price on sacred thoughts
Feast on feces on a silver plate
You wish for pain
But you are numb
And so you feed your children
To those without a soul
You wallow in their puke
Dung beetles in spider webs

I feel like a feather
Among the falling stones
And thus essence flows
Down - into the sewers
A breed so acyetic
Pigs - that swallow all

Cast me out
Out of life
Life that means
Emptiness to compensate
Bile sludge to masticate
An entire cutural history

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