Disquisition Of The Burning


We are no one
We are legion
Chanting sermon from the vilest depths
Thousands voices spitting razors
May reverence be torn to shreds
Vessels of a darker truth
Flailed by stygian whips
Until she rots and lies stinking in the earth

Bind us!
Revocate us!
You know you can't - for we are eternal
Evoke us, condemn us!
This whore is ours, she is our tool
We are endless, omnipersistent
We are your vindication
We are those who dwell within
Harbingers of vestal fears

Blurred mirrors
Cruel infliction
Contortion of the soul
Abhorrence in opulence
And the white sheets are full of stains
And the gowns are all torn
And the rosary lies ripped on the floor
Signs carved in vivid flesh

Revel in our hate
Hiding in the shade of our wings
And what would you do
If your saviour really came?
In your triumph you'd only vanquish yourselves
Your litanies - the true apostasy
We are those who dwell within

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