SOL Song Of Liberty

Orange Blue

you'll embrace your one truth
you will terminate that devilish cold
anywhere and hold me there
in your healing arms

even if the wind blows
trying to expand the depth of the snow in our hearts
see that boiled white at a glance
'cause I have tasted

your delight, your one fate
your respect of golden gates
your big smile after my voice
that told you thoughts about a choice

your immense unique fight
your sweet essence in your light
your sweet song of liberty
whose brawny waves roll over me

and I won't stop my hand
scratching princess' name in that golden sand
though the salt comes back again dissolved
'cause I've tasted

your delight, your one fate …

I'll never believe who we are
and I'll never agree
with that sentiments surrounding us
'cause I've tasted

your delight, your one fate …

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