A million years of rain

Orange Blue

Friday morning I'm still drunk from the memory of our greed
crucified and blessed by a girl who is the same way unrestrained
it only happens once or twice you meet someone you realy feel halfway in love halfway to madness
there ain't no difference to fell

she said hey baby you can't catch a rainbow
tough you sleep with me don' think you own me

she said hey baby if you've got the innocence that's the innocence to do the things you fell, to give in, to reveal

she said look after a million years of rain
I'll make the flowers grow again
when winter has gone
I'll be the river that is rising from your pain
after a million years of rain

Friday night beneath the silence hides a maniac left behind
only saints and murderess know what it's like to hide a crime

she said hey baby like a new Cherrie blossom
at the end of may I'll be blown away
she said hey baby you talk like an actor
but I'm really attracted by the kind of sordid peace that your poems achieve

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