Your hands were cold
Sitting on a crowded back deck but you never felt so
So alone, so out of touch, so far from home
And they can all 'recollect
You from somewhere they forget'
And you don't know
How to guide the highs and lows

Well, when it all folds in on itself
You gotta cushion the fall
Well, when it all folds in on itself
At least you know who to call

Yeah, I talked big game, couldn't back it up
Closed eyes, but I couldn't swing hard enough

You start to think your brain took too long
And you said it all wrong when you said nothing at all
And it seems you did it again
You pushed them away when you needed a friend
And tell yourself maybe it's best
If you don't call or leave a message
'Cause you know, but you don't
You gotta not be so scared

And I watched you blossom
I know where you're from
I knew who we were
And I just don't know what we’ll become

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