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Keep Hope A Lie


keep hope a lie
no more lies

Have shown less man
than that homeless man
who roams this land
'cos I've been known to slam?
I pioneer in experiment like Dolly
but try and clone this lamb
you'll be blown to sand!
It's not a hostage situation
it's a loan, god-damn!
I rock progressive styles
like a stone(d)rock band
you''ve been caught off guard, man
you need a soft start
and an exceptionally tough card hand
your hands are cuffed hard
and you feel your wrists swelling up
you know it's H-I-P,
but you have trouble spelling HOP

Boo! I do boo at taboos
I'm not an out-of-control freight train
I'm an in-control caboose
you always said
my devatating boo scares skins
even if I may look like one
who dares wins
you seem a bit shook, my son
I'd like to thank whoever took my gun
the Natives say Paleface cook Bison
I trust written word 'cos books lie none
authors often do 'cos it looks like fun

I - I promise to try and waste less money
than that tasteless honey
with the blue eye-shadow
depending on who I'd battled
maybe sound weaker or sound tougher
allow me to recapitulate
they never found Hoffa
enough of bargaining
verify the Spellbound offer
it's time to make the Silver Crown suffer
(...) you used to bomb in some red
in order to make the brown rougher

Santo Domingo Lingo su canto
A-sap! pronto!
you be Tonto and I'll play Lone Ranger's part
the Child in the Manger starts
to think that the stranger part
is this sudden change of heart
I embellish this hellish pain
tearing veins apart
they say my tongue's a narrow arrow
and my edgy brain's a dart
pain's an artform
and a Force to be reckoned with
the glove wouldn't fit the First time

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Compuesta por: Jaan Wessman / Paleface / Tuomas Ilmavirta. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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