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Billy Don't Be a Hero

Paper Lace

The Marching Band Came Down Along Main Street
The Soldiers Blue Step in Behind
I Looked Acrss and There I Saw Billy
Waiting to Go and Goin the Line
And With Her Head Upon His Shoulder
His Young and Lovely Fiance
From Were I Stood I Saw She Was Crying
And Through a Tear I Heard Her Say

"Billy Don't Be a Hero,
Don't Be a Fool With Your Life
Billy Don't Be a Hero,
Come Back and Make Me Your Wife"
And As Billy Started to Go
She Said "Keep Your Pretty Head Low
Billy Don't Be a Hero Come Back to Me"

The Soldiers Blue Were Traped On a Hill Side
The Battle Raging All Around
The Seargent Cried "We've Got to Hang On Boys
We've Got to Hold This Peice of Land
I Need a Voluteer to Ride Up
And Bring Us Back Some Extra Men"
And Billys Hand Was Up in a Moment
Forgeting All the Words She Said

She Said

I Heard His Fiance Got a Lettter
That Told How Billy Died That Day
The Lettter Said That He Was a Hero
She Should Be Proud He Died That Way
I Heard She Threw the Letter Away


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