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Here's a Door

Paper Lace

Here's a door and here's a window
Here's a ceiling here's a floor
The room is lite like a black and white movie
The T.V's on that's what it's for
And if you walk real slowly
You can hear the planet breathe
There's no need to feel so lonely
Now that we've all learned to give

Accidently Kelly Street
Where friends and strangers sometimes meet
Accidently Kelly Street
I never thought life could be so sweet

In the garden birds are singing
The sun is shining on the path
The wind is talking to the flowers
And dogs and cat all take a bath
And if you stop that talking
You could hear the traffic sigh
Throw away those keys start walking
And watch those tiny things go by


It's Sunday everyday
There's no need to rush around
Inside of everybody
There's sudden laughter to be found

It seems that were on Holidays
And sleeping in is not a sin
All the house work done by tea time
And feeling good about the way I've been
Perhaps this optimism will on down
Like a house of cards
I know that my decisions change my life
it's not that hard


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