Lost in the desert for reasons unknown
An extensive barren plain before you
A gruesome affliction; the heat of the sun
Don't really know in what direction to go

Make your way in the loose sand
No protecting shade in this hostile land
It's not the hunger but it's the thirst
The awful suffering which vexes you worst

Hallucinations; thirst drives you insane
The shrinking of your skin, bursting lips
your body-fluid is floating away
The claws of death got you in their grip

Water is your last word
As your internal organs decay
Dehydrated, emaciated
Your life slowly fades away

Vultures circling in the sky
peeling the flesh from a corpse
Blankened bones are all that`s left
Dehydration as the death the cause

Another cadaver in the loose sand
Not the last victim of this hostile land
Without any water you won`t last
Die in the desert, death comes fast

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