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Dream Car (Do You Wanna Ride)

Philly's Most Wanted

(Hispanic Chick)
Ayy papi
<Speaking Spanish and Moaning>

Gotta get this money
Playa-haters lookin' at me funny (Nigga don't want no trouble)
Know why? (Cause bitches don't want no trouble)

She read it for me, post-ed it for me
Through on the brand new red ??? for me
Anything less than 10 karats is really on me
You out do me wit bitches? Really homey?
Six-o-o V one-two One through
bitches when I come through
This is what it's come to?
Boo outdone you so drop them thongs
You know you only really like me 'cause I drop them songs
That's why I gun 'em like that, gun in these bitches
Chosen dog, I don't come to these bitches
They after sumthin' you know, it be riches
10 months later she got baby pictures
Talkin' bout, "I tried to call. You never flee me."
Talkin' bout, "I was at the show. You ain't see me."
"No wasn't lookin'. Lot of hoes there
The show in NY, it's a lot of shows there." Come On

(Chorus) Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D

Do you wanna ride inside my car?
Butter leather seats with the VCR
Panoramic view so you can see the stars
(Hot Hot) is my only charge
(Hot Hot) is my only charge
(Hot Hot) is my only charge
No tellin' where we'll go. Girl we'll go far but,
(Hot Hot) is my only charge

(Mr. Man)
You wanna ride?
Come on then, lay back and watch TV
It's dark, keep it in park and can't nobody see me
Tint no see-through. Chick you know how we do
I lean like a thug, you hit me while my cock diesel
Eyes to the sky. Gettin' topped wit no top
It's 9:45 the movie start at 10 'o clock
We gettin' it in, inside the parkin' lot
It's like this, fuck the AC blowin' let's make it hot
We can't stop, won't stop, our pants drop
Eventhough it's 10:35 we won't stop
The only thing I really got in this world is my shot
Get it all up in ya stomach consider yaself knocked (Hey baby.)
I treat hoes like clothes everyday it's something new
Mr. don't trick so they call me a
When I was dead broke the hoes payed no mind
But now that I'm paid the hoes don't mind what


(Hispanic Chick) and <Pharrell>
(Keys Please.) <I'll take the back baby you can drive.>
(Keys Please.) <Slow down. Don't speed we in a 65.>
(Keys Please.) <To Orgasm Street is what the Navi read.>
(Keys Please.) <Plus I got a air bag and it's designed for head.>

Faster Faster. Come On x4

Hispanic Chick Speaking Spanish and moanin'

The way you drive baby can't nobody match you
Givin' me head 'til I fuckin' blow a gasket
The way you drive baby can't nobody match you
Givin' me head 'til I fuckin' blow a gasket
I love my car

Beat until fadeout....

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