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[Mr. Man] Yo, everybody get down
[Boobonic] Yo, you can't be mad at us man
We just doin what you doin; you know, doin us
niggaz wanna hate and all that shit man
[Mr. Man] Everybody get down

There's a lot of money out here; get your hands on it
Uhh, uhh, Most Wanted - you got to lay down, come on

I'm that nigga who you wanna be
Not y'all record deal, hot cars, only fuck pop stars (whoo)
Radikal bitches, tongue pierced and the pussy
If I fall for the bitch let me fall don't push me
Hatin' ass nigga don't have a slick side
Caught his eye lookin' my chain cause he don't dickride
niggaz ain't cool with Bonic niggaz fear me
And talk through the song so they bitch don't hear me
Whattt! Let me find out niggaz jealous
Hot yo, the best controllers what can you tell us
We H-O-T B-O-Y-S
Taught you the shit you know, so why test us
Don't follow me that shit'll break your neck
This week alone nigga I done ate your check
Let my checkbook determine if I'm playin' in vain
When you niggaz boo it's cool cause you sayin' my name
Come on!

[Chorus: Kelis]
Is it the way I live and I got what you tryin' a get
Or do I look so good that you don't know what to do-oo
Is it the way I live and I got what you tryin' a get
Or do I look so good that you don't know what to do-oo

[Mr. Man]
The cops don't wanna see my CL6 they wanna frisk me
And young with this dough I get they wanna twist me
You love Mr. "hi" oh now you wanna kiss me
Either dead or me doing a bit, you gone miss me
No can say or its too much love cause I'm richer
When I used to push them things I flip quicker
Niggaz wanna twist cause Boobonic and Mr
are cuttin big brothers and fuck they little sister
I hear Most Wanted this and Most Wanted that
Mr. dead broke (and what else) Mr. can't rap
Follow Mr. home with this gun on my lap
And all that frontin' for your boys
Will get you one in your back
Ain't my fault that my dough comes fast and yours slower
Exhale like Whitney Houston and look lower
And I'm next to the boat and the cocaine rowers
+Sea+ +Red+ when I split your head just like Noah, nigga!


Yo, Lee Mr. a nigga couldn't hear me a price
I'll catch a bullet for him like my chain of the rice
Spit every last round I done gone for
And kill you the listener if you come for
Die for the nigga that's my dog forever
Ho's be like damn why y'all always together
Two things that I never had us be rich
And that's you and another ass bitch

(Mr. Man)
Boobonic don't feed man I'll talk shit for you
Tell you take cover I swear get hit for you
Get stitched up come back and spit for you
Bring hot heels that make the shit boil
Ride for you homie till our bodies hit the soil
Won't die for you they got it fucked up
Like chicks that need a perm their clit get touched up
Peel off on the bike and pop the clutch up (what)

[Kelis: repeat 4X]
Haters, hate on
Cause I'm a do what the fuck is asked

You know, niggaz don't want none man
Anybody move closer I'm telling you one thing
I'm ghetto no holster
You niggaz don't want no beef man I'm ruby for that shit
For real fuck you niggaz man
I love bitches money and traveling
And you niggaz ain't experienced that, you know
(Get down and lay down) You niggaz ain't experienced that man
Y'all don't know what the fuck money is man
Money is when your bank account is the banks amount motherfucker
You niggaz got stashes, I stash money
Overseas nigga, you don't want none, I'm a gangster man
I'll take over your corner dressed in a suit
And niggaz wanna reach I lean and sharp shoot

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