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Anything but me


I am just a sattelite
high above the atmosphere
bouncing everything you say
to someone who was meant to hear
sometimes on a rainy day
I lie in bed and dream of you
so blame it on the sattelite when your message cant get through

I am just a tiny wave
a minor ripple out at sea
moving slowly towards the shore
burdened with uncertainty
im gaining power, losing speed
wondering as a I see the door
will you hold it open for the tidle wave approaching shore

youve become an island in the hazy world surrouding me
offereing a vast reward each time I safely cross the sea
all too often I have become lost in the fog and haze
clinging still against my will to promises of clearer days

I am just a rain drop that accelerates without control
losing bits and pieces in decent until I am no longer whole
I am just a shooting star above that you might see
until I have your full attention ill be anything but me

anything but me
(many times till end)

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Written by: Tom Marshall / Trey Anastasio. Isn't this right? Let us know.