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Beauty Of My Dreams


One day I met the beauty of my dreams
Such pretty eyes she had you know it seems
Long hair that flowed down behind
I saw it all you know I was so blind
Wound up on her side of town
Bright lights and loud music all around
I gazed into her eyes and she in mine
She had me in a trance that was so fine

Now I cry cry cry, I can't get over her though I try
I'm blue blue blue, should have known she never could be true

The fun it didn't last for very long
I found her house the neighbors said "you're wrong"
The girl you see don't live here any more
Now I know the pain that was in store
Now all I have is a picture in a frame
She dissapeared the same way she came
She made a wreck of me now I find
She's outside but always on my mind

(Chorus) [X2]

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