What the fuck, Chuck
What the, what the fuck
What the fuck, Chuck
What the, what the fuck's up

Chuck got pulled at an early age
In a pine box, man, he should've been engaged
Chuck's chillin' hard on the other side of life
Left a family, friends, possibly a wife
Chuck didn't know that night he would die
I wonder if he hears his mother cry
Chuck put his life in the hands of another
Who was drunk as a skunk, now he's six feet under

[Chorus x2]

What the fuck's up, Chuck, what the fuck were you thinkin'?
Jumpin' in a ride with the motherfucker drinkin'
You're thinking that shit won't happen to me
And then bang, boom, crash into a big palm tree
Now you're D to the E to the A to the D
Three thousand degrees of fatality
What a waste to lose a part of the crew
So peace to deceased, Mr. Chuck Lemieux

[Chorus x4]

Back in the days, he used to play the guitar
I used to play the drums and we were gonna go far
Hangin' out man, school harrassment was my thing
Larry on bass and Scott tried to sing
That's the time of my life, where did it go?
Now Chuck is gone and that's the end of the show
I miss my friend, I wish him well
I know he woulda said, "aww what the hell!"

[Chorus x4]
What the fuck!

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