She drank and bathed in blood of her victims
This was the ritual to keep her diabolical youth
In a cold wild land forgotten by the time
More than six hundred souls were taken by devil's bride

Elizabeth needs blood her hungry is eternal
Mutilations and tortures inside her black castle
More beautiful than death and slave of profane lust
Killing made her more horny and thirsty

Behind the bloody walls Bathory dance with the death
Alone with her the victim walks towards the abyss

Her reign now it's complete in middle of darkness
She can see in your eyes all your impotence

After kill she lie down in the coffin without nails
I want fuck with her and to feel my body burn
Her beauty now is complete like the black sun

She wakes up hungry and wants to fornicate
An orgy of corpses is in her path
She steals your life and transfers it to her
To continue with the macabre ritual

Elizabeth needs blood

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