Power From Hell (Disturbing The Priest)

Power From Hell

My music spreads corruption on earth
The power from hell will disturb the church
Their false morals, never cheated on me
I want your flesh and your soul here

You deny youur own desires
Your life is rotten and your faith is liar
You live for molesting children
I hear a voice say, kill him!
I disturb the priest......... I plant the seed
He's not going to sky...... He will die

Pedophile bastard, you hide behind the cross
Damn priest, you will be mutilated without choices
Nightfall, nuns suck your cock
Die you bastard, you're the real evil reborn

The vatican supports his actions
The pope heads the faction
But the power from hell will be his torment
I will exterminate you and this pestilence

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