Live Free (Or Die Trying)


With so much promise in our eyes,
why are we fighting?
Potential's never realized,
and we're all denying
the accusations of who we are.
We're shunned and branded the most by far.
At best our freedoms are shorn away
with all dissension kept at bay.

and I know you know there really must be something wrong.
The end results of getting fucked too fucking long.
Our social systems getting worser by the day.
Afford yourself another chance, another way

to Live Free.........or die trying !!

Why bother trying when it's all in revelation?
The cryptic writing's in our halls across the nation.
So organize and collect yourself
and don't depend on no one else.
We the minions are lost inside
an empty place where souls have died

for our sins and sorrows in a quest for better days.
Vital resources getting stretched too many ways,
and it tests your sanity from dusk 'til fucking dawn.
We're mad as hell, now it's fucking on!!

So Live Free or die trying!!

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