Belief Means Nothing


Revenge suffer, beyond the withering moon
And in the pale light blinding it conceals the hand of your Doom
Now you're shrouded in darkness but you refute the truth
That your belief means nothing and only now it dawns on you
Struggle futile in the grip of this deathly hand
You fall into damnation your hourglass is out of sand

They speak of words without meaning
Whispering thoughts inside your mind

I'll take you
Down under
Down with me
Into eternal suffering
I'll take your soul
Forevermore that's right

You speak of words without feeling
They try to infiltrate your mind

Now that you are calling, drowning in a sea of pain
Now that you are falling and you are overcome
Into a dream like state
In turmoil is your mind
Torn between belief and lie
You're running out of time
Into the light
This can't be happening to me
That you shall live
When you should surely die

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