There's a feeling deep within your soul
Whispered thoughts that you don't want to hear anymore...

You'll face the truth, your mind is broken
The walls alive with your worst nightmares
You'll beg! You'll crawl! but no-one comes to save you
Distraught! Distressed! You will beg for mercy now...

There's a feeling you're losing your mind tonight

Arise a god! The king of your delusions
A sign! Portent! As the truth is wrapped around you
Embrace this world now filled with your insanity
A scream cries out till all is left asunder now...

Please can you help me? I'm drowning in this fear!
Please can you guide me through all my despair?

Rise from the madness wipe the tears from your face
Free from the voices till they rise up again
You know! You know how it feels
Left here to atone
For a lonely disease

Trapped in this place! This prison cell of damnation!
Let me out! Get me out of here!
Get me out! I'm not insane!

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