The Killing Fields


Hark! - Ephemeral existence
Hastened by faith - Blessed are the slain

Chosen One, your time has come
all to your knees, as your body bleeds.
Embittered One, gone insane
This crimson tide, falls like rain.
Mass genocide by this God defied
Do not weep as I eternal sleep.

This litany is foul it burns with fate
These mortal remains free to devastate.
A bargain made, a pact with Dis
The covenant sealed with a kiss.
The righteous and profane, die together
Their lifeless bodies remain, lost forever.

When will I see your face again
Lost and cold I lie among the slain
At peace in death, I try to feign
Never to reveal, the depth, of the pain.

Oh sweet oblivion!

Fallen One, embrace the Son,
Your Messiah, Nazarene liar.
Ruler of the weak,
Empty lives to reap,
Redemption you will seek,
As blood from your body leaks!
Face your death with pride,
Cherish those who cried,
No longer live this lie,
And breath your final sigh!

The killing fields claim another life
Feel Mankind crushed by cloven hoof!

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