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Stiletto :
"Come here lover dear,
Tell me what it is you hear
Just beyond this here door there's something stirring."

"I can't hear a thing.
I may be blind but I can see
Even if someone was here why would they harm me?"

"Come on lover lost
Can't you see how much it's cost.
For these sins you deny may cause you to waltz."

"Please don't harm my baby.
She's only weak, believe me!
State it loud, please come clean.
Don't please me just to please me.
I love you must stop lying.
You'll go to hell, you're dying!"
I watch her cough up her heart.
It falls to the ground, it melts apart.
And as I try to regain
The pieces that remain
between the grains
I feel there's distance in my blood
Is boiling, God I'm freezing.
I feel there's ice between the cracks
It's expanding, God I'm freezing.

"Hello, mother dear,
Yes, it's good to know you're near.
But your stifling grasp - it won't change me.

Greetings father queen,
Yes, I feel you close to me.
I know you're within reach,
But I can't hear you speak."

"Please don't harm my baby,
Master, what do you want from me?"
"There's just one thing, my son
Would you trade your life
for the one you've loved?"
"I'm no Moses, why test me?"
"This is for the count, my son,
I'm waiting."
"No - but you wouldn't want me.
My joints are iced
My veins are empty."

I look down to find
Some angel's knife stuck in my side.
And in the sand a footprinted path,
But there's only one set of tracks.

He didn't carry me!
That's what I always feared.

Farewell father queen.
Yes, I feel you close to me.
I know you're within reach,
But I can't hear you speak.

Goodbye, mother dear,
It's so good to know you're near
But your stifling grasp - it couldn't save me.

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