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The Summoning


Something disturbed my sleep - the spell is cast it grows within me so deep and shatters my rest i know this feeling, it calls to upper land the word of power falls, i understand pentagram, i'm inside, the smoke around sorceress looks with pride - i'm still, i'm bound "thou shalt obey my will, i know thy name power of thine to kill shall bring me fame" it's always the same - the greed that will never rust power and fame, money and blood they lust but i see their fear hiding in every scum so they lock me here - inside the pentagram ritual seems to begin, she starts to sing rhyme that holds me within this narrow ring i must take a chance this time, is there chance for me? a little distort of rhyme can set me free i'm caught on earth but my home is of lands afar with every rebirth i arise in this evil star my claws are strong, my wings desire to fly she thinks i belong to her but soon she will die she falters, a little mistake, fear in her eyes pentagram starts to break, my forces rise feeling i've waited for years and thousands years the chain that held me yields - i'm wild, i'm fierce free at last i rise and spread my wings i fly so fast, revenge to all humans begins my wrath is blind, nor woman nor child will survive beware mankind - the angel of death has arrived

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