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First glimpse, instant attraction
She acted as if my interest was a common reaction
Took satisfaction in knowin she was beautiful
She twisted up the blessing and she used it as a tool
Of manipulation, yet I was blinder at aim
She was very athletic, but yet excelled at the mind game
Lame excuse, but it's the truth, come on, I mean
I was young and naive and would've believed anything
When it came to sweetheart, she had me wrapped
Around her little finger and my mind was tapped
But none the less, I'm the fault obviously
I was confused and chose stupidity over patiently waiting
I mean how could I not see that tryin to fill a God-sized voidwith her
Would only leave me empty, but I did it
And like a stupid human I fell
By the way, what's her name
I think they call her Jezebel

Jezebel, who? Jezebel, man, who is she, what is she?
Man, it's hard to tell
Jezebel, who? Jezebel, come on, what is she about?

Second glimpse, still attracted, but I'm not quite sure
Been playin games with Jezebel, but now I question what for
Before, it was a motivation, now, it's not clear
Now I'm askin myself, Reuben, who's the one at fault here
See, I'm the fool so why do I remain
In a relationship with all to loose, yet nothing to gain
Except headache, heartache, and an occasional where you been
Pssssssst, Jezebel, where'd you hear that (from a friend)
Frontin Godliness, I say hey miss, you're posin
You love material things, but you're favorite's sheepskinclothin
So then what can I say, her charm fades by the day
And I'm askin the Good Lord, whatever twisted me to stay
Straight for a moment, now it's time to let go
Though my willpower's weak, man, there's one thing that I know
That greater is he that's in me than he who's in this world
and it wasn't the he in me that hooked it up with this girl

Life must go on, the dawn of a new day was risin
I opened up my eyes and then I started realizin
That my vision was blurred so there will be no third glimpse
After two and a half, I think I came to my sense
So with this, I think it's time that we parted
And dismiss somethin we should never started
So miss, I guess I'll say farewell
One last time for the books, her name was what?

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