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Girl Like Her (feat. Lil Wayne)


[lil wayne]
See me, i'm focused man
But my girl don gon stop it
Stuntin like her daddy
Vroom on the yamaha
She ride me like a kawasaki
I call her lil (?)
Sometimes i call her shawty
She only wears dresses she sleep in ed hardy
Ya dig, it's young weezy
The 80's baby
And we can get together and make 80 babies
Now the house brand new
The car brand new
But your still the same old you

[rl chorus]
I want a girl like her
That'll stay down for me
Everything that i need
Girl put me first
Here for better or worse
So i want a girl like her
Somebody that'll look like her
Somebody that can cook like her
Sex is off the hook like her
On everything i need a girl like her

I need somebody that'll always send my (?)
Somebody that'll keep me on track
When i feel the weight of the world on me
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I need somebody like this
Gotta handle her business
Know how to hold my interest
Be there in an instant
I'm looking for you


She's gotta have her head on straight
My escape from the every day
Things to deal with
Someone to chill with
I can build with something real with
Not that everyday in the club
Need more than the average one
Something special
Extra exceptional
Freaky sexual


If you get your own money
If you got your own crib
If you got good credit
And you handle your biz
Sing along with this
Talking to you


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