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My Own Native Land

Marty Robbins

In this troubled world today
We're asked to lend a hand
Which I will, but first with me
Comes my own native land
Gladly will I help this world
And give all that I can
It isn't selfishness but first
Comes my own native land

Is it right that we should give
And give until it hurts
To a foreign land that treats us
Just like so much dirt
Those who lead us have forgotten
Love is in the soul
Love cannot be purchased with
The promise of more gold

Giving brings a lot of joy
And this I do believe
But aren't the ones who give so much
Entitled to recieve
Why do we keep on giving
Is it right that we should please
The very ones who'd like to see
Our country on her knees

If we must give then we should use
A different policy
And give to only those who treat us
Fair and honestly
We give to those who quickly take it
Posing as a friend
Then just as quickly turn and bite
The hand that's feeding them

I'll be accused but I don't feel
I'm acting selfishly
'Cause I believe the country that
Remains strong will stay free
To give is great but are we giving
More than we can stand
I question this, cause first with me
Comes my own native land
I question this, cause first with me
Comes my own native land

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