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Show it to me


In the passageways of this place
The eyes are gazed by its tortured souls
Streets full of walking bones
People's tears are like a stream
Everywhere I look I can see a falen person
In a sordid gutter
In a city of fear a glow
Is telling me it's me and it is time to say
Let's go in this promised land
children of the war
Come back to me
(The Children with the guns)
So let's go, while we're still surviving
While the days still shine for me
I can't tell those images of horror
I could never say that
It should be
Easier to me It should be
Show it to me!
While the two of us are still on the streets
Then, in the sun i see
I can see a miracle It's so intense
Im my dreams I've seen your face
Im my dreams I've seen your face
In my dreams I've your face......
Im my dreams...

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Written by: Paulo Ricardo. Isn't this right? Let us know.
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