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Two In A Million

S Club 7

Out of all the boys, you're not like the others
From the very first day
I'd knew we'd be lovers
in my wildest dreams, my darkest desire
Would I declare to you your love takes me higher
Just when we thought our lives were set in stone
They shone a light and brought us together

We are two in a million
We've got all the luck we could be given
If the world should stop we'll still have each other
And no matter what we'll be forever as one

Its a crazy world where everythin's changin'
One minute you're up and the next thing you're breakin'
When i lose my way and the skies they get heavy
It'll be okay the moment you're with me
No one would have guessed, we'd be standing strong today
Solid as a rock and perfect in every way


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