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All In Love Is Fair

S Club 7

First he said that he wouldn't leave me
What a fool to believe that line
Just another one of his obsessions
To help to pass the time

Get it right, get it right, get it right, don't get it wrong]
Cos if you want me, get your ass on over here and show me
Stop wasting time
And if you need me
Get your act together boy and show me
You should be mine

All in love is fair
One of us will lose
Is it her or me
Is it me or you
Who's it gonna be
What you gonna do
Are you over me
I'm not over you

Cos you said that you wouldn't cheat me
That our love was to last all time
She must've been a big exception
If you're not the cheating kind

Get it right, get it right, get it right
Don't get it wrong
Cos if you want me
Get your ass on over here and show me
Stop wasting time
Boy if you knew me
Baby you would never want to lose me
Make up your mind


You gotta take the good with the bad
The happy with the sad
But don't get mad if things don't go the way you planned
Just understand that real love is in demand
If you're ready for commitment just take my hand
And if you get lucky, love will be a cruise
There are so many roads which one you gonna choose
But there's a risk, you know you gotta take
No messing, a choice you gotta make
There's one cross you know you gotta bare
All in love is fair


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