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I'll Be There

S Club 7

I'll be there for you

Looking in my memory. What did I see
All the good times. You gave to me
Evenings in the park way after dark
Listen to the radio in my car

It's times like these you see the wood from the trees
You come to my aid when I'm on my knees
Next time you feel alone. Just pick up the phone

Chorus: Reach out and touch
Whisper my name
I will deliver again and again
Straight from the heart. Honest and true
I'll promise you this, I will be there for you
I'll be there for you

what I think. I'd be lost without you
Makes me wonder. What I did before you
When it mattered you were there for me
You were my rock boy
You were my energy
Time flies but I'll never forget
The way it was the day we met
Don't be surprised you know it's true
I'm gonna be there for you


Through the sun, through the rain
I will still feel the same
Be it good, be it bad
I'll always understand
when your down, when your blue
I will be there for you
'Cos nobody does it better
We're gonna get there together

Through the sun and through the rain
I'll be there for you
Through the sun and through the rain
I'll be there for you
Nobody, nobody does it better, together ( x2)

Chorus x3

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