The Moment Of Our Lives

Saber Tiger

The moon will rise
When the stars shine so bright
Who are they to judge us?
Every moment of our lives

I'm walking into moonlight
Fading into twilight, and lay my body down

Stretch out my arms
And reach for the stars
Enchanted, i feel you so near

I'll bury my soul, leave me, please go
My dear, we'll meet in the end

Fly, fly, all through the night
You will find, the new sun will rise

Out of my sight, out of your shell
The cold wind cries
You will fly in this winter night

And the day will come, you will see
Wake up and lean on me
After you fall into paradise

Resting your wings, you will whisper to me
We lived our lives, just you and i

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Written by: Fubito Endo / Takenori Shimoyama / Yasuharu Tanaka. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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