Take Hold Of Christ

Sandi Patty

I wonder just how long
I might have wondered
About the things of God
The way to life
I might have gone on wondering forever
Had I not obeyed
And fell on the Word of Christ
I took a step of faith
When I took Jesus

And by God's grace
I found the wisdom to believe
And taking hold of hope
I have discovered
That what I took has taken hold of me

Come and take hold of love
Come and take hold of life
Just let God prove His promise
Come and take hold of Christ

Alive in Christ
And filled with every blessing
With hope, with joy
With peace, with faith, with love
Our very lives are never-ending witness
That God Himself
Has taken hold of us

Repeat Chorus

And we know what we believe
We are persuaded by God's grace
The truth is no longer sealed
And the wise men
Of a thousand generations
Cannot argue with the love
Cannot argue with the life
Cannot argue with what God has revealed

Repeat Chorus

Come and let go and feel
Come and let go and find
Set from the tombs of darkness
Take hold of Christ
Take hold of love
Take hold of life
Take hold of Christ!
Take hold of Christ!

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