Maybe all that´s left here has got me confused
Maybe all the talk was just words we abused
Maybe you hope love, will heal all the wounds
It makes me wonder
Can we rewind now, or is it written in stone
Can we stay honest, and still make it grow
You´re sure it´s worth it, but how will I know
It makes me wonder


But if I give up, and if I give up
If I believe in you, like you believe in us
Oh, if that´s all there is, to love
Is that enough, is that enough

Will you be there for me when I´m loosing ground
Will you be my voice, when I can´t make a sound
Will you pick me up again, when I´m falling down
I´m left to wonder


I´ve always given up too fast
before I get betrayed
But this time you say, forget the past
We´ll make this thing last

(Chorus x2)

Is that enough, is that enough

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Written by: Dilba Demirbag / Sarah Dawn Finer. Isn't this right? Let us know.