Hey, I´ve been looking outside myself
trying to be somebody else
But everytime I got stuck - in the middle
I thought, that if I only let them see
The girl they wanted me to be
Then I would never ever get stuck - in the middle

Hearing all these voices telling me to find my way
Made me slowly stand up straight and say


I´m on my own, oh-oh-oh
Nothing can go wrong when I´m standing strong
Hear when I´m singing
I´m on my own, oh-oh-oh
Now that I´m alone I have found my home
Hear when I´m singing

Oh-oh-oh, I´m own my own,
Nothing can go wrong
I´m Standing Strong

Hey, I´ve been hiding from all the pain
Trying to make it go away
But everytime I got stuck, in the middle
I know that If I only let them see
all my insecurities
Then I will never ever get stuck, in the middle

No more time for crying
feeling sorry for myself
Now I don´t need anybody else - no


I´ve lived and I´ve learned
I´ve crashed and I´ve burned
But looking back has finally made me see
That all I need to fly is to be free
Hear when I´m singing
On my own, my own
Yes, I´m Standing Strong


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Written by: Michel Zitron / Sarah Dawn Finer / Tobias Gustavsson. Isn't this right? Let us know.