What ever happen to your child-like wonder
Whatever happend to your heartfelt faith
Yu used to live your life with such a hunger
What ever happend to those days

Your smile use to tell a beautiful story
But every life takes a few wrong turns
And now you hide your heart afraid that your're too far beyond repair
Oh but I am his

Bring your broken heart to me
Lift it up and you will see
That love can make a heart that's barley beating
Come alive come alive

My love is stronger than your weakest moment
My grace is greater than your worst mistake
No matter where you've been
I'm wating at hee end of every road


Close your eyes, let me love you, I'm by your side


Even when it all goes wrong there's no such thing as too far gone and love can make a hear that's barley beating
Come alive come alive
Close your eyes let me love you I'm by your side
Come alive come alive come alive come alive

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