[Verse 1]
Tomorrow shell be turning 17
But somehow now the mirror has become her enemy
Feelin like shell never measure up
Feelin like shell never be enough

In her Fathers Eyes, he is taken by her beauty
And captivated by her every time
In her Fathers eyes, he is longing just to tell her
Shes never been more lovely in her life
If only she could see herself one time
In her Fathers eyes

[Verse 2]
Hes on the edge of giving up tonight
Hes feelin like hes wasted the best days of his life
Afraid hell never be the man he thought that he could be
When he looks inside hes so ashamed of who he sees

But in his Fathers eyes he is a son of glory
The image of a strong and mighty king
In his Fathers eyes, theres more left in the story
Hes fighting hard to hold back tears of pride
If only he could see himself tonight
In his Fathers eyes

So no matter where you are
And no matter what youve done
Youre not alone
Youre not alone

And no matter where youve been
And no matter where youre from
Come back home
Come back home

Cos in your Fathers eyes, youre loved with such abandon
Hes running to you now arms open wide
In your Fathers eyes, youre safe and youre accepted
Theres nothing you can do to change His mind
If only you could see yourself one time
If only you could see yourself one time
In your Fathers eyes
In your Fathers eyes

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