Verso 1:

Gentle friend,
You knew my name.
Yet with Your hand You calmed the storm and healed the lame.
As You spoke,
People came.
And as the crowds would gather 'round they called out,
"Holy One, are You the Holy One, who was sent by God to show the way?"

Verso 2:

I wasn't there,
The night they came:
Those who saw and feared the miracles you made.
You took the nails,
You bore the pain.
And as they hung You on the cross and mocked you,

"Holy One, if You're the Holy One, let your God come save You from the grave."

Verso 3:

I just heard the news today,
I just came to find you but they said You'd gone away.
I just wanted to hear You say, that you had to go
But that You'd come back again.

Verso 4:

Early morn,
Break of day.
Came in time to find the rock You rolled away.
I found Your robe,
An empty grave.
And as I fell upon the ground I cried out,
"Holy One, You are the Holy One, and You came and gave Your life away."

"Holy One, You are the Holy One and You came and gave Your life away."

"I am the life, I am alive, I came to show the way."

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