From skirling to an unknown world
Descending the valleys of forest
Un hallowed in their black feelings
They will still battle

Thousand men afar the mountainsides
Eternal Bloodlusts for realms
Lords of fight will never fall
Into the pantheon of battle they値l lurk

Muddy battlefields of war
Leading the laws of times
Desecrating breezes

Unknown paths of hate
Dark armors of steel
Sword of revenge will strike

Battlelords X2
Lords of unholy force
Battlelords X2

Keeping it above warriors
Battlelords X2
Leading the power of war
Battlelords X2
For an unknown realm to rise

Sons of soldiers born into battle
Smashing down kingdoms

For sunrise brings them blood
Of the first who fall into skirmish

Striking hard with no mercy
Enclosed in the wells of hate
Battle forever strides

Unlock the power of the unholy ones
Keep it hard for you
And release it when time of war will come

Battlelords X2
Striking enemies positions
Battlelords X2
Our victory will make us proud

The sunset is coming above us
Mighty will be our victory
For the realm of the blackest
Skull will never ends
We will forever stride in pride

Battlelords X2
Leading the blackest souls
Battlelords X2
To an ancient realm which is rising again
Battlelords X2
Mighty will be our pride

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