When you feel eternal pain, a pain which is never gone
on the way to spectral kingdoms you enshrine its forlornness
you must listen to the voices in the evergrey skies
they're wise and advising so close your eyes and listen to
these songs of unlight and forest
eternal paths will now open their grabbing gates
to my realm, my home and my fights
yes, just entering by the spectral ghastly winds
follow the paths beneath the two Ordons
which are grisly rising up to the firmament
a walk between the rocks, shrine of moonlit
to the Byres Coastal Plain above-helixed by ravens

That's in my forest ...

Ghost of unchained sprites hiding in the dimmest tower
Which is above the escarpmenting mountainsides,
Opening on all the valleys which are going to the Lake

The lake of eternal wounds
Lead me to a better world
The lake of eternal wounds
Give me the power to unchain myself from this lord

Then you will see a watered spiritual place
Unlead by anybody 'cause none can be its leader
This is a sacred sanctuary , that you'll drink its water
Then see your face into this mirror of water
Horrific dimness and of unsightable deepness
Eternally unknown by all that's breathing on earth
There is the secret guarded by the immemorial gates of time
Forever spit your sorrows into the lake !!

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