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As I Lay Losing


As I lay losing the years I had grown,
Down beneath the shower of each stone I'd thrown,
In the mist stood someone I had known.
I saw the mist of one I might have known.

I remember times when I had to hide (I recall the days)
(when I) Nobody around, no one beside. (was all alone)
Shattered crowds allowed me then to glide.
Scattered clouds were my only guide.

I'm moving on from here, (sha-la-la)
Hanging phantoms on the dawn. (sha-la-la)
Shoot all memory like an arrow, (sha-la-la)
Leave my demons dying, dying, dying, dying, and gone.

Far between all the sky and the ground,
Someone once again born.
Something got torn,
Some things got found. (something's got found)
And between all the Earth and the sky,
Someone finds he can fly ...

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