Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasuteisu
Ba- bariasu ratei-tei-tei-ta
Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasutei-tei
Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu! Ratei-tei-ra

Let’s start a new life from the darkness
Until the light reveals the end
Sinister faces, growing curses
This is my last war

Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasuteisu (angels playing disguised)
Ba- bariasu ratei-tei-tei-ta (with devil’s faces)
Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasutei-tei (children cling to their coins)
Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu! Ratei-tei (squeezing out their wisdom)

Rararara-Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasuteisu (angels planning disguised)
Ba- bariasu ratei-tei-tei-ta (with devil's faces)
Ba-bariasu ratei-tei-rasutei-tei (children cling on to their)
Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu! Ratei-tei-ra (very last coins)

Destruction and regeneration
You are the real enemy

My (war!)
My (war!)
Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu! Rasuteisu!

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