Jus call it R'N'R


You Know What I Like
When We´re On Our Own
Don´t Try To Hide
¨Cause You Like It Too,Darling

Your Mama Has Gone
Give Me Your Papa´s Gin
Don´t Tell Anybody That
I´ve Been Here Tonight

Yeah! I Know The Story
Yeah! I´ll Excuse Your Sorry

You Better Stand Up!
¨Cause My Beat´s So Strong
And My Hands Are Glue
Running Through Your Veins

We Never Fuck
Like We Always Do
Hide This Light Inside You And...
...Celebrate Good Times

Yeah! I Know the Story
Yeah! I´ve Tasted Your Glory

I´ll Spoil You And Give...
...You My Necklace
Please Don´t Forget: Put It In Your Panties Drow
How Can i Leave
Your Parent´s Sheets
I´m Just Having Fun
On My Hopeless Way To You

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