The Memories As A Sinner


Torture within
No sign of fear
Torture within
No sign at all
Repeated sins, I'll never regret
Destined to win, or destined to fall?
What I have lost to attain this fame
What I have lost to play this game
I have chosen to take their blame
That their unholy blame for my holy name!
I know I will live in fame even if I die in same
I know I will live in fame even if I will never be the same
See, I'm of the chosen few
Now I've touched the truth
What a fool you are to dream about the future that won't come
Shame I have tamed, to live with this fame
We welcome you here!
Die, all the believers die
Die all the deceivers die
Die an eternal death
Die, you you live for lies then fight for lies
In then end you will die for lies
Never wake up!
I'll laugh last
Live in your dream!
No fear draws near
Only death will wipe my tears away
I'll burn in hell rather than weep in heaven.
Curse me if you want
I will never fear it
I pray for power and glory
I want them all in my grip
The golden invitation you got for the one way trip
Remember the place in hell is reserved for you;
now I will walk alone
I will fight alone
What a fool you are to believe in the world that never exists!
Fame I have chased and shame I have faced
We welcome you here!
Take my oath now!

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