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If You


Been checkin you for so long
and i feel (feel)
Girl you should let me know what the deal (what the deal)
been peepin out yo vibe(vibe)
think you wanna let me slide(slide)
So what you need to do right now
Is keep it real
i know you want me girl
just like
i want you(i want you)
so stop frontin like you dont
when you do(do)
so if you feel naughty(naughty)
if you really bout it (bout it)
and if you get me rowdy (rowdy)
my love will make you shout it shout it

IF you (feelin like lovin me)
IF you(feelin like kissin me)
if you (feelin like lovin me,holdin me)
If you (feelin like lovin me)

So on them lonley nights girl there for U
let me come satisfy you for an hour or two(two)
baby dont be shy
cuz im not judgin you
I hungry for your love so let me through
girl lets stop talkin bout them thangs we can do(do)
and lets just be about them thangs we can do(do)
so if you feelin naughty
and if you really bout it bout it
and if you get me rowdy get rowdy rowdy
my love will make you shout it shout it


Its a silky silky silky thang
silky silky silky silky thang nah nah nah nah

See I got something for you
meet me in my bedroom
so we can laugh the night away
im tryin to be forreal
wanna show you how i feel
cuz i know that you feelin like..lovin me!

Chorus 3x

The lovers have returned to make me wanna make love to you
so bring yo sexallent body ova here and let me do the things i do
in my bedroom im gone love you down just like a playa would
and turn you out my superstar make you feel real good
I find out if you feelin like lovin me, sexin me, holdin me, kissin me squezzin me
Say yeaaa yeaa
say yeeaaa yeaaa yeaa yeaa
Oh yeaaaaaaa
fade til end

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Written by: Antoinette Roberson / Darrell Delite Allamby / Kenny Dickerson / Lincoln Browder. Isn't this right? Let us know.