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Kids Vs. Adults

Os Simpsons

Adults! Kids! Adults! Kids! Adults!

Kids,You've had your fun now we've had our fill.
Yeah,You're only here cuz Marge forgot her pill.
Kids, you're all just scadalizing, vandalizing punks.
Channel hopping, Ridlin popping, monkey's, but please don't quitthe fanclub!
Kids, I can nag and nag till my hair turns blue.
Kids, you bum my smokes and don't say thank you!
Why can't you be like we are?
Oh what a bunch of brats!
We ought to drown you just like cats!

Adults, you run our lives like your Col. Klink
Adults, you strut around like your farts don't stink.
Adults, your such a drooling, snoring, boozing boring bunch
Surly, meany, three martini lunchers!
I just ate a thumb tack!
Adults, they're always telling us to-- SHUT YOUR TRAPS.
Eh, we're fed up with all of you whippersnaps!
We're trying to get some sleep here, it's almost 6:15.

What's the matter with-
Don't you treat us like-
Can't you just lay off-
We're sick of all of you!

Kids today!

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