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Don't you get it, come and get it
It doesn't mean all the time
Quit yer whinging, wind yer neck in
for franks sake get a life
you try to own me, don't you know me?
you really haven't got a clue
Or maybe I've just outgrown you.....

Never gonna go back there again
Never gonna let you fence me in
'Cos you're watching me, always watching me
Get yer fill, overkill
You push until its overkill

Where you going?Can I come with you?
I really don't think you should
Can't you see that to smother me is doing more harm than good
Don't do what I do, do what you do
you really oughta get out more
I liked the way you were before


Like a fly on the wall
you got a thousand eyes
you're doing my head in, with yer what, where, why
you're making me nervous
living the circus
what a performance, what a performance

If you want me come and get me
just take it slow
don't take on so, you got me wrong so
shut your mouth and let it flow


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