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Never Happy

Sinead Quinn

I've got a list the length of my arm
Of all the things I'd love to change
Perfect tits, a pert little ass
And an airbrush for my face
Ain't a thing I can't rearrange
And I don't like cellulite
I'll have those dimples on my cheeks
And all those pills they sell you like
But it's alright cos you can eat
But they only make you weak - yeah!

It' all over the place, it's all up in my face
Keep pushing how perfect I should be
I am what I am, I pretend I don't give a damn
It's no wonder that I'm never happy

Hello beautiful you're ok
Here's 30 grand for your wedding pics
Thank you kindly yeah I don't mind
But does my bum look big in this?
Say it again, I'm not convinced
So I said...


Now and then I pretend that I'm really content
That I'm happy with a 14
When I'd rather be a 10
Starve myself for a day
Then I eat for a week
If I was picture perfect would I feel more complete?
Would I feel more complete??

Chorus x2

It's no wonder that I'm never happy
I'm never happy
I'm never happy
But I'm never happy
I'm never happy

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