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I Know Where You're At


I Know Where You're At
(Lyrics: M.C.U.D. of (HED) P.E.

I gotta get through this shit (strait up)
Mama told me that there would be days like this (strait up)
You know it's easy to forget what my purpose is
(strait up)
Just when I feel like everything's cool
My drama starts to surface (strait up)
And all that drama it's hard to not let it blind you
You gotta put that fake shit behind you
Don't let your enemies remind of that time you fucked up
My boy would've told you to shut the fuck up
(strait up)
I see fools laughing and i wanna cry
I see fools living it up and I wanna die
Shit I feel like I got one foot in the grave already
I feel like jesus is out to get me
Test me, and watch me fail
But I know it's not too late for me
He told me there's more out there than just hate for me
I see you on a painted road and I miss you
I see can't see you but I feel you, I feel your soul, you knowthis
No matter what I know you still have my back
Yeah, I know where you're at

I love everything, I lost everything
I want everything, I lose everything
I hate everything...(strait up)
Yeah, I know where you're at

I can't find you, I can't see you, I can't find you
Why? back up shut up disappear
What? shut up wake up I'm over here what?

Yeah I woke up and I and cursed the day (strait up)
I woke up and I prayed for this pain in my chest to go away
Jesus he just laughed at me and said my life was a tragedy
And I was lost for all eternity
Say nigga' why you forsaken me?
Maybe you're breaking my heart (strait up)
If I could go back and start over again
And have one good friend
Shit I'd take that shit to the top (strait up)
And never stop (strait up)
Bring that shit back again yeah damn
Just one good friend
I've over here come back now and show me how
I don't care anymore
I can't, I can't take it, close to the edge
And I'm breaking down
Yeah you see me breaking down

Everyday another liar, here comes another thief
Prepare yourself for much more sorrow
Depend on much more grief

Wake up, get up, walk away! Why, Why!!

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