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Well now it seems more than silence has been broken
And I think I've figured out the the dying lie
Yes the truth is that your dialect is half truth
Another conversation died alone

This is something we created
Yes, well the sufferment's abated
It doesn't have to be a prophecy
We could be both seeking destiny

It's fucking down to us and them
You can decide which one wins
Now's the time, are you the hunter or the hunted?

Absent - Sometimes it feels like it's us against them
Absent, sometimes it feels like their angers are justified
If it feels like I'm absent... from your conversation
Just keep on talking and you'll find out... You're probablyright

Now it seems that there are no easy answers
To the same old question I've imposed
What does it mean? Why would you bother asking me?
Like it's something I should know

Just 'cuz they paid me to take it
I guess their money gave me credence
Watch our records soar
As you slow down to buy the accident - SO SICK!!

Know that I'll pull your covers, bitch
Yes I'm fixin' to knock that ego down
Well I might slap you punk ass to the floor
Stupid motherfucker, nothin' but a buster
Still talkin' shit!

Devoid of soul, so ya dig yourself a hole
Take the fun out, I load the gun for you
Incorrect, cause and effect, you've been sold
Live in the wrong, so ya live in the lies
Take the fun, load the gun, incorrect, cause and effect

I'm absent

I don't care
Yes you're probably right

I don't care

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