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Evermore Alone


This silent evening with its moon so bright
Sitting here on the path of life, everyone is gone out of sight
Went through all these dark nights (alone)
With the memories of the past (so dreary)
All these tears I've shed
My wounds will never mend
Over every river I've walked
And every endless field I've crossed
Every drop of blood I've lost
Every little wound it has cost
Every word I've said
And every mistake I've made
Wished you could be here by my side
Feel all the pain that's in my mind

The tears I cried came from a shadow inside
A sorrow so painful from which I can't hide

This solitary life cuts through me like a knife
Piercing my memories to reopen the scar
And as my soul cries still do I smile
This scar within built by lies so thin

Shouldn't I learn from my mistakes?
The tears it causes the pain it forsakes
If words could be renewed and replaced
Would it be a different matter with another face?

Oh have I dread this perpetual sorrow
This perished orchid does no longer grow
My last breath before to rest I'm laid
Evermore alone I seize my blade

"On a dark November night silence spoke a word so mere
a word fraught with lingering pain and boundless fear
a message that strangled the starkest dose of hope
I closed my eyes grasped my life and strained the rope"

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