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Better Man

South Border

I've been wonderin' how you're doin' lately
Heard your man have left you, but i guess he's not the
One for you
Are you hurt, feelin' down or broken in two
Coz you don't deserve all the pain you're goin'
Do you see me baby, look deep down inside my heart
I may seem a mystery, you oughta know what's in me.

Maybe i should tell you what i'm feelin
All you need is sexual healing, baby it's all good
I'll give you loving that's right
Baby i know it's not that easy
Forgetting the love that made you feel so empty
All you need is my love oh baby

So let me be your man (3x)
To love you, be all you need, your everything

I know it's hard for you to see me
As the man who will share your life with you
You deserve to be treated just like a queen
With a crown and the jewels and diamond ring
I might be the man you're waiting all your life
Who will show you the meaning of true love.

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